Face Treatment

Chemichal Peeling/ Fruid Acid Peeling

This fruit acid skin rejuvenator can be used on all areas of the face, removing dead skin cells that are on the top skin layer to reveal younger, fresher skin. The skin will be exfoliated deeper so that new, young and fresh skin can be formed. In addition, fruit acids stimulate the skin to produce natural collagen which helps fill in wrinkles, acne scars and wrinkles for a more even, smoother and softer complexion. This treatment uses a series of peels with glycolic acid ingredients that are applied topically to the face. The level of peeling varies from a mild scale to a deeper scale, between 20-70%, depending on the skin condition and the expected results of each individual. In general, treatments are carried out 6 times in 3 months. Then peeling can be done every 4-6 months. according to doctor’s advice. In order to get maximum results, it is recommended to use AHA cream for Pigmentation and several other supporting products that are used regularly at home.


The multifaceted technology performs controlled and safe exfoliation to promote skin rejuvenation and help rebuild collagen. Using the movement of the handpiece’s lymphatic drainage it reaches the muscle and motor nerve stimulation point and evacuation all at once, and finally a deep infusion of topical cosmeceuticals to carry nutrients and outflow of cellular wastes. The five functions in one treatment are exfoliation, topical solution delivery, muscle stimulation, collagen stimulation, lymphatic drainage.

Picosure Laser

Picolaser or picosecond laser is the latest laser technology capable of firing laser beams in a very short time, that is, for 1/10-12 second.

Laser Co2 Fractional

is a fractional laser that uses Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas. By delivering light energy in the form of fractions or portions, it forms microscopic columns on the surface of the skin. Which serves to repair or restore the surface of the skin.