Doctor Action

Rejuv Peeling

These peels provide ongoing benefits in improving superficial skin improvement compared to regular peels. These peels are very mild and work continuously on each other without downtime. Designed for acne, melasma, sun damage, fine lines, rough texture, large pores , dulling, leaving skin softer and smoother. This peel is suitable for all skin types. This peel can be repeated every 3 to 4 weeks if more improvement is desired.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is blood plasma that contains the best cells in the form of platelets (PLT), growth factors (GF) and cell systems. A medical procedure using the patient’s own blood (autologous) to obtain PRP. The patient’s blood is taken as much as 10-20 cc. Then centrifugation is carried out at a speed of 2000-2500 G for 7 minutes. The result is plasma (blood fluid) which is separated from the red blood cells, where there is a lot of PRP at the bottom. In our body, the process of cell regeneration and wound healing is naturally carried out by platelets. (PLT), growth factor (GF) and also stem cells which are mostly found in PRP. So the PRP procedure makes it easier to get PLT, GF and stem cells, thereby speeding up the cell regeneration process and focusing more on areas that need it.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in a liquid state at very low temperatures. Liquid Nitrogen is used as a treatment to remove keloid dark spots, pigmentation, skin blemishes, and moles found all over the body.


The procedure used to remove unwanted moles or warts.Electro couter is mainly used for permanent removal of unwanted moles, pigment spots and bumps on the face and anywhere on the body.Permanent removal treatment is also very effective for wrinkles and lines – Upper wrinkled lines including smoked lips and facial broken capillaries. It effectively removes minor scars including those caused by acne, for a smoother and more youthful skin texture.


Botox is an abbreviation of botulinum toxin, which is a toxin produced by a type of bacteria clostridium botulinum. This substance is able to get rid of facial wrinkles such as those on the forehead and laugh lines. Apart from the face, Botox therapy can also be done on other areas of the body such as overcoming folds on the neck, hands and legs to relax tight muscles. Results will appear 5-7 days after injection. Botox therapy lasts between 6 to 7 months.

APTOS Stitch Lift

This new procedure can produce results similar to full face lift surgery at a lower cost and only takes a few days to heal. Aptos threads are able to support and lift the face. In older skin that has lost its elasticity and is lax, Aptos threads can be anchored or sutured under the skin by making small incisions below the hairline near the ears, while to repair loose skin on the jawline and lower facial skin or below the hairline. hair on the front to achieve a brow-lift.

Leg and Face Vein Removal

A non-procedure treatment, this surgery consists of injecting a small amount containing a saline solution into a vein. The treatment lasts for 30 minutes and needs to be repeated twice over a four-week period. These fine veins will gradually disappear over a period of 3 months. This treatment is only used to treat fine veins that have arisen but cannot be used as a prevention of the emergence of fine veins.