Multifaceted technology performing controlled and safe exfoliation to promote skin rejuvenation and help rebuild collagen. Using the lymphatic drainage movement of the handpiece it achieves muscle and motor nerve point stimulation and evacuation at once, and ultimately the deep infusion of topical cosmeceuticals to bring nutrients and drain out cellular waste.

What is DermoLissage ?

DermoLissage is not Microdermobrasion

Five Functions in one treatment :

  • exfolliation

  • topical delivery of solutions

  • muscle stimulation

  • collagen stimulation

  • lymphatic drainage

DermoLissage Versus Traditional Microdermabrasion

Category DermoLissage Microdermabrasion
Abrasive Source Diamond Head Wand Aluminium Oxide Crystals
Dermalinfusion / DermoLissage Delivered under pneumatic pressure -
Tailored Treatments Exfollation + Dermalinfusion of solutions specific for :
  • Dry Skin

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Photoaging

  • Acne

Exfollation used for all indications

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