MyCells (PRP)

What is PRP? PRP Platelet Rich Plasma stands, the plasma-containing blood cells - the best cell in the form of platelets (PLT), growth factors (GF) and the system of cells

What is PRP procedure?
a medical procedure using a patients own blood (autologous) to obtain PRP.

What is MyCells?
MyCells is a product that is used to perform PRP procedure.

How PRP procedure performed?
the patients blood is taken with 10-20 cc with MyCells. Then in the 2000-2500-G centrifuge at the speed for 7 minutes. The result is a plasma (blood fluid) are separated from the red blood cells, where at the bottom there is a lot of PRP.

Why is PRP?
In our bodies, the process of cell regeneration and wound healing naturally carried by platelets (PLT), growth factors (GF) and also that most of the stem cells contained in PRP. So the PRP procedure is easier to get the PLT, GF and stem cells, thus speeding up the process of cell regeneration and more focus on an area in need.

What did the PRP on the skin?

  • Form blood clots (PLT gel).

  • Removing Growth Factor (GF).

  • Stimulate Stem Cells to form new cells.

What if PRP is injected in the skin?
PRP will speed up the process of cell regeneration by forming new collagen in the skin area injected according to function. It is commonly known as a skin rejuvenation process, so that the skin becomes firmer, elastic, radiant and fresh.

PRP can also be injected into the skin following areas:

  • The entire face, including the area under the eyes

  • neck

  • palm

  • scalp

Indications on the skin that require PRP:

  • Wrinkles and hollows (Wrinkle & Fold)

  • Acne scars

  • Skin aging (aging skin)

  • Spots of Light

What are the advantages of using MyCells?
MyCells has the ability to regenerate the highest when compared with other similar products that are used for the PRP procedure. 

  • Without the risk of allergies, because it uses the patients blood blood

  • Sterile, there is no risk of disease transmission

  • Non-toxic, MyCells tube made of glass

  • Safe and Comfortable, because it is only done by doctors

  • Economical, safe not require additional other substances

  • Practical and Efficient

The scope of the use of PRP procedure:

  • Skin and Aesthetic Medicine

  • dentistry

  • Medical Surgeon General, Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Sports Medicine

Contra indications for PRP procedure:

  • Platelet abnormalities Syndrome

  • Platelets Lack of Critical Illness

  • Fibrin Deficiency Disease

  • sepsis

  • Acute and Chronic Infection

  • Chronic Liver Disease

  • Patients who are undergoing therapy Anticoagulants (blood Dilution)

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