Look 5 – 7 Years Younger and Fresher with Reduction of Deep Lines and Wrinkles

This new procedure can achieve similar results to a full face-lift at a fraction of the cost and with only a few days to recover. If you had the procedure on Friday, you would be able to return to work by Tuesday.

Aptos threads provide support and lift for the face. In the case of older skin with loss of elasticity and looser skin, Aptos threads can be anchored or stitched under the skin by making a small incision under the hairline near the ear for treating jowls and saggy skin of the lower face or under the hairline at the front to achieve a brow-lift. In this way we have much more control over the amount of face-lifting to produce the best result.

A small incision is made under the hairline and the Aptos thread is inserted through this incision. The threads are then adjusted to the correct tension required for lifting the skin and then sutured (stitched) deep in the skin.

There are no visible scars and the effects of the face-lift are immediate and last for 5 to 7 years. The small incisions are done with local anesthetic and full recovery only takes a few days. Side effects are some bruising and swelling but this goes away after 3 to 5 days. Any bruising can be covered with makeup. After one week, the stitch under the hairline has to be removed.

The results are immediate and then continue to improve for the next 6 weeks with visible improvement in lifting the skin. Better results are obtained when you use ARC-recommended exclusive skin care products developed by a leading Australian dermatologist.

The Aptos Stitch Lift is ideally suited to correct deep nasolabial lines (so-called "smile lines" from nose to corners of mouth) and deep "marionette" lines (lines running down from the corners of mouth that give a sad or grumpy look). It also corrects jowls (the loose skin that forms around the jaws) and can also be used to achieve a brow-lift.

In summary, the Aptos Stitch Lift can achieve results similar to a mini face-lift at a fraction of the price and with only a few days of recovery.

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